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Introduction Insect reproductive systems show large morphological variability. Download: PPT. Materials and methods Origin and animal propagation Male L. Results Morphology of the male reproductive system Fig 2 provides an overview of the male reproductive system of L. Spermatogenesis The formation of spermatozoa occurs in the testis follicles, which are divided into different parts of progressive spermatozoa development within sperm cysts Fig 3A. Fig 4. Fig 5. Fig 6.

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A Aedeagus lateral view shown by light A, B and its internal sac structures by electron microscopy C—E. Vasa deferentia Similar as the spermatic duct of other Carabidae [ 19 ] the vas deferens I of L. Sperm and conjugate morphology Analysing L. Accessory glands and ejaculatory duct The accessory glands a pair of tubes of L.

Aedeagus Similar to other insects, the aedeagus of L. Supporting information. S1 Fig. Two parallel mitochondrial derivates are twisted around each other in the flagellum. S2 Fig. Structures of the posterior follicle, vas efferens and vas deferens region I. S3 Fig.

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Lateral cross section of the area where the accessory glands lead into the ejaculatory duct stained by HE. S1 Table. Size of the different organs of the reproductive system and the spermatozoa.

S1 Movie. Flagellum region free of mitochondrial derivates, and sperm head stained by DAPI. S2 Movie. S3 Movie. Mitochondrial derivates along the posterior flagellum region showing constrictions and swells. S4 Movie. Mitochondrial derivates showing a tiny gap between them arrow. S5 Movie. Diverticula contraction arrow. S6 Movie. Spermiozeugma movement induced by coordinated flagella fluctuations. The real time recording reflects a duration of 28 seconds.

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Principles of insect morphology. Cornell University Press, Ithaca ; pp — Kaulenas MS.