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He makes some money selling these papers for a while, as Granny has permitted him the job because it does not require him to sell on Saturdays.

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He shows Richard that the paper, which Richard still has never read, is filled with propaganda from the Ku Klux Klan, the vicious white supremacist group. Richard is shocked, knowing that the paper is printed in Chicago, a place, he has heard, where blacks are supposedly equal to whites. Richard immediately stops selling the paper. Out of mutual shame, Richard and his classmate never discuss why they stopped selling the paper. Without money from his job, Richard goes hungry yet again. One day, while Addie and Granny endlessly debate details of religious doctrine, Richard makes an offhand comment that the women deem blasphemous.

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Granny vigorously lunges to slap Richard, but he ducks the blow, and Granny loses her balance, falling off the porch and injuring her back. Later, Richard wants to ask how Granny is doing, but he cannot let his guard down in front of Addie.

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Addie confronts him in the hallway and tries to beat him. The role of the assessor becomes one of entering into dialogue with the persons being assessed to find out their current level of performance on any task and sharing with them possible ways in which that performance might be improved on a subsequent occasion.

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However, there are many different definitions for instructional design and all of them are an expression of underlying philosophies and viewpoints of what is involved in the learning process Heinze, Aiso stated that the development of an individual student's achievement depends on the achievement level of the specific classroom and therefore on the specific mathematics instruction.

Interest in mathematics could be regarded a predictor for mathematics achievement. Moreover, he suggests that the students show hardly any fear of mathematics independent of their achievement level. For instance, with increased internationalization, growing knowledge-intensive work, and increasing use of information technology, schools are required to produce graduates who do not only possess relevant knowledge but also interpersonal relations and communication skills, ability to work in various contexts, and information literacy skills.

More specifically, technologies should be used to pose problems to students, provide related cases and information resources, a social medium to support learning through collaboration and interaction, and intellectual partners to support learning by reflecting. The descriptive — correlation method was used in this study.

In descriptive method, Calmorin as cited by Bagayana , wrote the study focuses on the present condition. The purpose is to find new truth, which may come in different forms such as increased quantity of knowledge, a new generalization, or increased insights into factors, which are operating, the discovery of a new causal relationship, a more accurate formulation of the problem to be solved and many others. Since this study measured data that already exists and the number of respondents is not large, the descriptive — correlation method of studies is best suited.

As mentioned, the student-related factors in terms of interest and study habits, and the teacher-related factors in terms of personality traits, teaching skills and instructional materials were generated using researcher — made questionnaire. Research Instrument The main tool used in this study was a researcher — made questionnaire — checklist.

Set of questionnaire-checklist was constructed for the student respondents. These were given one set of five checkboxes each. Each statement was given one set of five checkboxes. Again the five checkboxes were ranked as: 5 — Always 4 — Often 3 — Sometimes 2 — Rarely 1 — Never The questionnaire — checklist was presented to the adviser and expert on Mathematics for comments, corrections, and suggestions on the content. The questionnaire-checklist that aims to draw out proper responses on the objectives of this study was constructed.


This questionnaire — checklist made by the researcher and was presented to, analyzed and checked by the research adviser to ensure the validity of responses it would elicit. Permit to conduct research and study was secured of letter requesting permission to the principal of Laboratory High School at Laguna State Polytechnic University. The extent of student-related factors Weighted Mean in terms of: 1. The extent of teacher-related factors Weighted Mean in terms of: 2. The students gave a unifying perception on their level of interest in Mathematics. Table 1. Extent of Interest in Mathematics as Perceived by the Students I make myself prepared for the math subject 3.

I listen attentively to the lecture of my math 4. I want to get good grades on tests, quizzes, 4. I get frustrated when the discussion is 2. Average Weighted Mean 3. Among questionnaire items, the desire to get good grades is the most interesting to students but the desire to attend discussion received the lowest extent of interest.

Table 2. Extent of Study Habits as Perceived by the Students Table 3 shows the data on the extent of personality traits of the teachers with the computed weighted mean, rank and interpretation. I do my assignments regularly. I exert more effort when I do difficult assignments. I spend my vacant time in doing assignments or 3.

I study the lessons I missed if I was absent from 3. I study and prepared for quizzes and tests. I study harder to improve my performance when I 4. I spend less time with my friends during school 2. I prefer finishing my studying and my assignments 3. I see to it that extracurricular activities do not 3.

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I have a specific place of study at home which I 3. The item number 2 ranked second with an average weighted mean of 4. Has a good relationship with the students and 4. Shows smartness, confidence and firmness in 4. Imposes proper discipline and is not lenient in 4. Has an appealing personality with good sense of 4.

Is open to suggestions and opinions and is worthy 4. Average Weighted Mean 4. The overall weighted mean of the teachers in terms of teaching skills is 4. Table 4. Explains the objectives of the lesson clearly at 4. Has mastery of the subject matter. Is organized in presenting subject matters by 4.

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Is updated with present trends, relevant to the 4. Extent of Instructional Materials used by the Mathematics teachers Table 5 presents the extent of instructional materials used by the teachers in Mathematics. Lastly, used of power point presentation got the lowest extent of instructional materials with an average weighted mean of 1.

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Table 5. Chalk and blackboard in 4. PowerPoint presentations visual 1. This means that the teacher in Mathematics sometimes uses instructional materials. Level of Performance of Students in Mathematics Table 6 presents the level of performance of Laboratory high school students in Mathematics in terms of some measure as mean, median, mode, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis. The grades presented are the means of the grades of students- respondents in third grading period obtained through documentary analysis of Form provided by the adviser. Table 6. The skewness of the level of students is It reveals that several of the students really wanted the subject of Mathematics.